Stems by Diana Floral Studio is driving forward full force on giving back to our community with our Stems Re-Cut program. After weddings and events, we travel back to the locations to clean up, breakdown, and collect all the wedding items and flowers used from the previous day. Most of the time, the flowers still look fabulous! So, we put our recycling “thinking caps” on and decided to start donating arrangements for various charity events, non-profit organization fundraisers, and are linked to the local hospital and Safe Houses. Now, when clients ask, “What happens to all these gorgeous flowers after my wedding?” they can be reassured they are being put to great use and giving back to the Tahoe community that we all love. With the occasional sprinkler issue (flowers are left on the lawn and watered a bit too much!) or the sun beats on them an hour too much and they are unusable, we put them in our compost pile and give them back to the earth… Much thanks to you all who help make this program a reality!