From Diana

Lake Tahoe brings a unique group of individuals to enjoy its simplicity, abundant treasure, & endless beauty. Those couples who make the journey to have their weddings on the shores and beyond are especially important to its secrets and mystic nature. You are, in a sense, starting your lives here, which I'm sure it does not take lightly ...

I have the pleasure of being involved in some of these weddings, a small part yes, but I always remember them as if they were my own. It's not just an event for me; a wedding is a chapter like no other, a ride to be had, beyond comparison with much in life. Every couple brings pieces of themselves, and will leave some along the way. I have kept in touch with many of the couples and families I have worked with and have been able to see their lives begin, unfold, and multiply! This is why I continue this journey, in its simplicity. It's not the big picture. It's not even the big moments. It's the small, handful of moments that shape who we are and who we are daring to be together.

If someone would have told me I would be living in Tahoe and would be a floral designer, I probably would have giggled a bit. Twelve years later however, from the experiences I've had and the beauty I've seen unfold, weddings have become my blank canvas. Inspired by a couples' vision, using the finest elements nature has to offer, I began to appreciate this journey far more than I would have hoped. The bonus comes from those that I meet along the way, the ways they stretch me to imagine bigger, deeper, and brighter. That, in itself, is simply priceless and makes the ride all the more worthwhile.

Thank you to my clients, my friends, my inspiration.

To my future clients, I can't wait to work with you and see what we come up with!

Enjoy the ride ...